The Mustard Menu: Description

This year for mother’s day I’m hosting lunch with a menu featuring and inspired by mustard — specifically, inspired by a case of Handlmeier’s Hausmacher senf I recently acquired. We made that the theme ingredient for this year’s crazy family meal — the first one since Ella was born!

The Menu:

1st course: Tavern Soup, inspired by Welsh rarebit, featuring the Bavarian sweet mustard above and served with Maille cornichons

2nd course: Mizuna (a mustard green) with homemade mustard vinaigrette (the mustard itself is homemade)

3rd course: The streetcart meal — a riff on a hotdog with sauerkraut and a knish, which includes French’s yellow mustard, Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, and a little jar of mustard I brought back from a German mustard shop

Dessert is cheesecake with white cherry and apricot mostarda


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