Baby Food for Lunch: Description

My annual family theme dinner was replaced by a lunch with the theme “baby,” since that’s what we’re all thinking about anyway! I also made the menu shorter and the amount of food somewhat less, partially because after all, I deserve the break, but also because it was appropriate to the theme.

We enjoyed:

Baby-burgers (tiny cheeseburgers and tiny fries!)

Pregnancy cravings (deep-fried flour-dipped cornichons)

Baby food (a completely pureed version of chicken pot pie in a jar, with a puff pastry “lid”)

Baby foods (roasted baby vegetables -corn, potatoes, portobellas and tomatoes — and creamy grits)

La Leche Cake (tres leches loaf)

Recipes for the burgers, pot pie, and cake are on following posts. The pickles are described above and that’s the whole recipe. The grits are 1 cup grits, 2 cups chicken stock, 1 cup cream, 1 stick butter, simmered together gently for 45 minutes or longer, whisking frequently. SO good.


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