Psychiatric Soiree: Bone Marrow, Baguettes, Peach and burnt sugar compote

This is not really as much psychiatric as the others, but since I personally work with bone marrow transplantation patients, it seemed requisite to include a shout-out to my own folks. Since bone marrow is delicious with almost nothing done to it, I tried to incorporate the idea of transplantation by making diners scoop their own marrow onto baguette rounds. The marrow itself is so easy to make, everyone should try this.

Me with bone marrow


  • 1 bone per 1-2 people, in my case, 10, cut by the farmer into 2″ lengths
  • 2 baguettes
  • Rosemary
  • 5 peaches
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 TB butter


  • Ahead: slice peaches, and with sugar and butter, cook down in a small pot over medium heat until the peaches are very soft, just ready to be crushed, and the sugar is starting to caramelize, then remove from the heat and refrigerate (can be done days ahead).
  • Ahead: Soak the bones in cold water with salt for at least 2 hours or overnight; change the water once in the middle, the central marrow section should be off-white but not tinged with blood when they are clean
  • Set oven to 425
  • Place the bones on a baking tray, perpendicular to the tray so that the marrow is in the center
  • Sprinkle with salt, place rosemary branches over the top (don’t take it off the stem, you want to be able to remove it later)
  • Roast for 20 minutes
  • Slice the baguettes into rounds, about 2″
  • Toast the baguettes with the bones for the last 1-2 minutes of bake time
  • Serve bones fresh out of the oven, remove the rosemary, let guests use tiny spoons to scoop the marrow out of the center, and use the peaches liberally as a condiment

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