Psychiatric Soiree: Description

After the psychosomatic board certification this week, we had to celebrate consultation-liaison psychiatry in style! So I invited some of my favorite psychiatrists over for psychiatry-themed hors d’ouvres. Here was the menu:

Tequila Mojitos by Capote, with p450-interfering mixers: grapefruit juice and pomegranate syrup, both of which increase the levels of many medications.

Platter of Contraindications (for MAO inhibitors): aged bleu cheese, aged gruyere, chantal and aged cheddar, dried chianti-infused sausage, gherkins, and reduced red wine and honey with yeast crackers and sourdough bread. Everything you can’t eat while taking an MAOi anti-depressant or linezolid!

Brie-Liais-en-croute: To repeat my concept of using one flavor to liaise between two others, I made a really delicious, simple, baked brie in pillsbury dough (best cheat ever) with chocolate chips and fresh basil leaves — it seems like a combination that won’t taste good but the flavors liaise beautifully!

Dementia-Prevention cupquiches, just little kale and egg mixes on pie crust, because this combo contains both N12 and folate, the two vitamins that when low can cause reversible dementias.

Here are the things with actual recipes coming:
Factitious Tiramisu (not tiramisu at all but I fooled people!)
Bone marrow do-it-yourself transplant to baguette “recipients” and homemade peach brown sugar jam
Uninformed Croquettes: These delicious little bites could have anything in them! So no one could have the capacity to voluntarily consent… and yet, people did eat them.
The final act:
Somatoform Key Lyme Gingerbread man tarts: I made a big key lime pie and people cut out their own gingerbread men of it, to literally make somato-forms
Ice cream with addiction sauce: Spiced rum caramel with salt
A dozen people came over the course of the evening and we enjoyed celebrating the end of our exam!
5 recipes, coming up.

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