The Essie Collection

encrusted - effects by essie

For Dominick’s Birthday, I styled an entire menu after the Essie nailpolishes he marketed for. I organized each dish by collection, and tried to represent either the overall collection or as many colors as possible in the course. I’ve shown pictures and described what I made as well as I could, but it was more of feeling my way than using true recipes.

Luxe effects collection

  • Colors: Shine of the times, set in stones, as gold as it gets, a cut above, pure pearlfection
  • Dish: fried oyster on the shell topped with jumbo tapioca pearls

Carry on collection

  • Colors: power clutch, ladylike, carry on, very structured, case study, glamour purse
  • Dish: surf n turf beggars purse, with lobster and filet inside, in a champagne crepe tied with chive

Papparazi collection

  • Colors: lights, camera, action 
  • Dish: bright orange cheddar souffle
Bikini so Teeny summer collection:

  • Colors: off the shoulder, mojito madness, all tied up, fear or desire, cascade cool, bikini so teeny
  • Dish: off the shoulder marinated pulled pork shoulder lettuce wraps, mojito madness salad (lime, mint, cilantro, ginger dressing), fear or desire sweet, spicy peanut sauce, and all thai’d up coconut lemongrass risotto
French Affair collection:
  • Colors: coat azure, french affair, nice is nice, topless and barefoot, kisses and bises, st tropez 
  • Dish: A “topless” croquembouche with a calisson d’aix filling, with some carmelized figs worked into the bouche itself, and then over the top after the caramel, sprinkled (kissed!) with candied orange peel, lavendar, and mint (all indigenous to the cote azur), served with a bit of blueberry whipped cream on the side to look like a beach

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