The Essie Collection: Off-the-pork-shoulder



Bikini so Teeny summer collection:

  • Colors: off the shoulder, mojito madness, all tied up, fear or desire, cascade cool, bikini so teeny
  • Dish: off the shoulder marinated pulled pork shoulder lettuce wraps, mojito madness salad (lime, mint, cilantro, ginger dressing), fear or desire sweet, spicy peanut sauce, and all thai’d up coconut lemongrass risotto

This one I’ll have to describe. To make a pork shoulder, it should be seasoned with salt and pepper all over, then seared over high heat on all sides, then halfway covered with stock, a bunch of veg (carrots, celery, whatever you want) thrown into the pot, cover, turn down the heat, and let it cook about 6 hours, stirring halfway through. I served mine adorned wih scallions, and with a lettuce-and-bean sprout salad with all the flavors that go best with sweet and lime to me — mint, cilantro and ginger — and a hot peanut sauce that would represent Dominick’s fear (spice) and desire (peanut butter) that was really just peanut butter and sriracha and salt. The Thai’d up risotto I made with coconut milk for the liquid, bits of lemon grass in the mix, and some fish sauce to finish it off. But sorry, I didn’t measure anything! Good luck making another version.


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