The MishKatz Nuptial Menu: Description

Almost a year ago, my Aunt Lois found a physical menu from my grandparents’ 1940 wedding at the Pierre hotel. After many hours staring at it, I finally had the chance to replicate it — sortof. For many reasons, I decided to do a highly updated version, but I referenced their menu as much as possible. Here is the original menu:


And here is my modern version. Please enjoy all of the recipes in their individual posts!



Pisco Blackberries

Ripe and Green Olive Martinis

Pimento Bloody Marys with Celery

Consomme on Cubed chicken

Puffed Eggs

Brook Trout

Potato Scales

Almost Squab

Fresh asparagus                                                         Cranberry Foam

Filet Mignon

Fresh Peas Mignon                                                               Mushroom Mignon


Ice Cream Bombe with Huckleberry sauce
Mocha Petit Fours



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