7wonders: Pyramid of Giza and Temple of Diana Surf and Turf

diana and giza surf and turf


The components of this plate were cooked simply, but the combination is unusual:

Temple of Diana

  • 1/4 lb venison per person, salt and peppered and cooked in a skillet with some butter, because Diana was the goddess of the hunt
  • Under the venison, some sauteed hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, to remind diners of the woods
  • Over the venison, a fried egg, to represent fertility, of which Diana also was the Goddess
  • To the side, some floured and pan-fried sweetbreads, to represent the sacrifices made at the temple

Pyramid of Giza

  • Golden Quinoa, cooked in water with some salt, and shaped in a martini glass flipped upside down
  • Inside the quinoa pyramids, each person got one huge seared scallop, to represent the myth of a treasure hidden inside the pyramids
  • To the side a bit of corn and yellow-pepper relish, to represent the many bricks sitting around the pyramids, intended to become additional pyramids

Hence, a 2-wonder surf & turf course


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